Welcome to the NAMP website

NAMP was formed in December 2009 (9th Poush 2066) initially affiliated to International Organization of medical physics. The Organization has a membership of 4 major Cancer Hospitals in Nepal. NAMP is charged with a mission to advance medical physics practice worldwide by disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering the educational and professional development of medical physics and promoting the highest quality medical services for patients. Information on NAMP activities, development priorities, and external relations are given in her strategic policy document Review and Way Forward of NAMP. NAMP is collaborating with professional organizations in development of a professional certification system for medical physicists that can be implemented on a national basis. To provide guidance on education, training and professional development of medical physicists, NAMP is publishing some policy documents on such issues.

One of the primary goals of NAMP is the identification and implementation of improvements in patient safety for the medical use of radiation in imaging and radiation therapy.

Our services

Coordinate to improve the professinal development of medical physics in National level and get intenational recognization.

Awareness against radiation hazards

To develop awareness about the enviromental pollution and radiation hazards due to the use of radiation in diagonstic and theraptic purpose.

Use of radiation

The use of radiation in the optimum benifit of patients.

Radiation Act

Lobbing to develop the National radiation act.


To organize seminar, workshop and conference in medical physics and develop awareness on it.