NAMP has organized following scientific activities:

W.C. Roentgen Birthday Scientific interaction program.

  • November 7th 2011 at BPKMCH
  • Discovery of X-Ray and use of radiation in present scenario in Nepal.
  • Importance of NAMP in present scenario.

Scientific talk Program with UN-ICTP visiting scholar Prof. Anna Benini.

  • 25th November 2012 at Bharatpur
  • Nuclear medicine introduction and role in oncology.
  • Incidents and accident possible in radiotherapy and imagining.
  • Importance of radiation protection in diagnostic techniques and others.

Report on International Day of Medical Physics in Nepal.

IDMP/SYMPOSIUM ON Medical physics.

Medical Physicist at BPKMCH

IDMP 2013

BPKMCH Bharatpur

IDMP participant


W.C. Roentgen Birthday Scientific interaction program


Interaction program


IDMP participant


ICMPRO-2014 jointly organized